“Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life” Prince let’s go crazy.

To quote Julia Roberts in pretty woman “don’t you just love Prince?   Well you may or you may not, but the lyrics are a good way to introduce myself and I did love Prince so this was also an opportunity to pay homage to the man too.

During my life I’ve asked myself “is this all there is?” On many an occasion, sometimes in anger, sadness, frustration and general ponderings, all with a genuine curiosity (albeit fueled by different emotions).

I am a “curious” person about everything. Having been that annoying child asking ” why… But why… Yes but … Why” and never really feeling satisfied with the answers. An over thinker? Maybe! An explorer? Yes, I like that description better.

My career has allowed me to explore and share in the lives of many people in many different situations, seeking to find many solutions with them to change something.

How do we get to those points in life where “isthisallthereis?” becomes a valid, relevant question?

Why is “is this all there is?” a common question, what is it about being human living “this thing called life” that creates the need for such a question?

By whom and in what circumstances does “is this all there is?” need expression, a voice?

I believe that within these questions lies many truths, perceptions, beliefs, knowledge, awareness, learnings that reveal the absolutely magnificent, phenomenal human journey through “this thing called life”.

For those asking the question “is this all there is?”, they may not feel so magnificent at the time of asking! Pain, fear, trauma, sadness (too many experiences and feeling to list) are part of this journey for many people.

How interesting are people’s own stories especially when they are told from a place of pain, tragedy and challenge into achievement, overcoming and success?

Why are us humans fascinated and connect with such stories from our fellow humans?

Have we all not been deeply moved by watching the ParaOlympics, Invictus games, Red Nose Days and even Britain’s Got Talent! Yes, I admit to getting a wee bit emotional when hearing the back story of one of the contestants to then be spell bound by their voice or contemporary dance or even the performing pets!

While we all have a unique journey through “this thing called life”, I believe we see ourselves in others and we are all connected by common purpose regardless of social, geographical, cultural (etc etc) human made boundaries. When we reach out with the question “is this all there is?” be reassured that you are not alone.

Why have I started to blog?

It’s a challenge as I’m an introvert by nature (going to definitely be a topic for a blog later) but I equally don’t like being told what to do or not to do, even when it’s my own head gremlins telling me “not to go there”!!

I’d like to explore the “stuff” that gets us “through this thing called life”, throw around ideas, share musings and information and if along the way it helps someone, always good.  If I get to explore more “stuff” and find new things to be curious about along the way, that’s my joy.

“Is this all there is?” Absobloodylutely not, there is always much more….