Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Now there’s one of those endless, circular questions.  Add the word “to” to it and you’ll have an even better idea of who I am.  Who am I to do this?  Write this?  Think this? Think that I can do this? Should do this? and on it goes…

Sharon WhitehouseI was one of those kids who ceaselessly asked why. The eternal ‘but why?’ following any answer I got.  This enquiring, curious, unwilling to ‘settle for’ mind followed me into adulthood.  I am an explorer, a truth and solution seeker.

In my 30 year career, I feel most privileged to have worked with, nursed, advised and grown up with amazing people.  All

provided opportunities for learning and to explore further this thing called life, being human and my own self-awareness (scary mirror sometimes!!), even those I may have found challenging.

Caring for people, made vulnerable and changed through ill-health certainly taught me much about attitude, mindset, communication, compassion, empathy and the nature of being human. Working with those in occupations like the Police certainly taught me much about courage, resilience, ego, culture, society and team work.

I thought, as I embarked on my Occupational Health qualification, that working in the workplace would be a great place for proactive preventative healthcare strategies!  I could potentially stop people ending up in the beds on the wards and ITU’s I had previously worked on.

What I actually found was a whole host of unwellness.  People living unhappy, unfulfilled lives, lacking in confid
ence, self-esteem, trying to cope with misunderstood psychological illness, physical injury and disease.  People settling for less than their potential.  People sleep walking through their lives. The workplace.

For those of you who need to know I have a plethora of qualifications and experience including

  • Spending 2 years with SCC before taking on the Manager role for South Yorkshire Police’s Occupational Health service.
  • Psychology Diploma (Human Givens), CBT, Trauma / Phobia
  • Management Diploma
  • Reiki

For those of you more interested in getting to know the me behind the certificates, here’s how my clients have described me…

~ Kind, considerate, warm and fun.Surf with border

~ Motivated, inspiring and a great mentor.

~ Calming, unassuming, understanding and honest.

~ Diligent, ambitious, wise and approachable.

~ Spiritual, original, mischievous and exuberant.

… and that about sums me up.